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Happy Monday!

With warmer weather over the weekend, we’re starting to see some concentration and movement on some of our Pinot Noir blocks in our region despite weeks of trudging along. I sampled three vineyards this morning, and saw big improvements in flavor development and concentrations. At the moment, we’re anticipating Tondre Pinot Noir arriving Thursday along with Brousseau and Eden Rift Pinot on Friday. Between the three vineyards, we’re going to see approx 19 Tons which represents just over 10% of our yearly harvest!

In the cellar, we’re pressing our Piquette fermentation tomorrow – getting it off its skins and releasing any residual sugar that might be stuck in the berries. The hope is to ferment this sugar while we have active yeast in suspension and ensure the ferment will fully dry. We will eventually blend this in with the upcoming micro Piquette lots as they come in. We’re also wrapping up prepping all of our picking bins, and are finishing getting the cellar and all equipment all dialed in. Yellow jacket traps are up, meaning it’s go time!

-David Baird

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