Our Commitment to Sustainability

“I have learned you are never too small to make a difference.”
-Greta Thunberg

At our core, Folktale is hyper focused on sustainability and the responsibility we have to be stewards of this land. We are just the most recent tenants of this sacred place and know that we won’t be the last. It is our job to soften our footprint and ensure that our efforts to craft award winning wines doesn’t come at a cost greater than we can manage. With that mentality at the forefront, it is our mission to ensure the long-term health of this special place for generations to come.

Vineyard management is at the center of our sustainability efforts. At five acres, our organically farmed Sangiovese vineyard is cared for meticulously by hand in all stages of the growing season. Cover crops are planted in the winter and bring with them beneficial plants, nutrients, and bugs into the vineyard. In the spring, they are mulched into the soil along with any vine clippings from the previous growing season. Owl boxes with raptor perches were installed as a passive and very effective way of controlling our resident rodent populations. We have made the switch to dry farm our Estate and reduce our water consumption from the Carmel Aquafer by nearly 100,000 gallons annually.

The entire property benefits from these efforts, however, not just the vineyard. We have resident beehives that pollinate the flowers and plants on site and provide us with some delicious honey for our culinary team. We have herb gardens planted – providing the freshest and most ecological way of making our food stand out.

For us, details are important. Regardless of whether we can directly see an impact in our efforts or not, we know that everything we do in the direction of sustainability is important. We also know that we need to and have to do more, and are constantly looking for new and creative ways of being more sustainable. This is a charge we fully understand and accept, knowing that we’re in this together, with you and mother nature alike.

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