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Live in the Vines: ALO
Jul 25

Live in the Vines: ALO

Folktale Winery and KRML 94.7 FM are excited to welcome ALO back to the Wine Garden on July 25th for an evening of music, food, and wine!

ALO is a lot of things. Put; it’s a rock band, a family, an artistic outlet, a community, a business. But that only scratches the surface of this 30-year musical vision quest. ALO is an adventure: a Spring break road trip to Colorado and an all-night drive from Salt Lake City to San Jose. It’s the comfort of hanging out with life-long friends, relaxing on a couch, and finding treasures hidden in its cushions. It’s a coffee table full of amazing books on art, philosophy, and music. It feels old and new, fresh and classic. It holds tension and dreams and possibility in its folds. It hopes to unveil something magical, something unheard of, something the world needs. It smells of super burritos and vans full of lemons, old bongs, and epic hikes. It’s a sound of growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area. It’s a sound of northern California, with sprinkles of Santa Barbara and Augusta, Georgia. It was born of childhood friendships, shared destinies, inside jokes, and a desire to make people happy. It’s not for everyone, although it tries to be. It wants you to love and share in its vision. It’s long and meandering, then suddenly sharp, abrupt!  It’s feral and clever, and it means you no harm. It’s love and freedom, collected and cataloged, then released back into the wilds from whence it came, over and over again. It’s an orchestrated liberation of our animal soul. 

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